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ALL ALONE BEFORE FROZEN GODS - short film: experimental doc - 2015/2018

a meditation on the deterioration of ancient technologies abandoned and distorted by the hypergrowth of human civilization (a technology in and of itself). Through a collection of voice recordings and home-movies captured during a road trip amongst friends, we catch a glimpse of the inevitable erosion of language, religion and masculinity tropes within the myths of American exceptionalism.

Official Selection + Screenings

2019 SFVM Film Screening (Los Angeles), 7th Syros International Film Festival (Greece), 2019 Cyborgrrrls Encuentro Tecnofeminista: Cyborg Cinema (Mexico), 2019 Pugnant Films Series: To See More Light (Greece), New Cinema Club Vol. II (New York), 2018 Queer Moving Image (Philadelphia)

New Cinema Club Review

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