GMILF - short film - 9mins - Digital - 2020

Story Creator and Writer

Made as a Cycle One exercise at the American Film Institute Conservatory, this short film  is about making connections, when and where we least expect it.  Set in present-day Sun Valley, CA amidst the on-going pandemic where a methane gas leak has been polluting a predominantly Latinx neighborhood nearby . Our two protagonists are lifelong residents of this neighborhood both dealing with isolation and longing in their own ways. There’s Mama Cuervo, a motherly sex worker and staple to the community, and Matt, a young skateboarder who’s not very good at skateboarding nor at confronting his anger issues. Their paths converge when Matt and his friends come across a raunchy video of Mama Cuervo. This guides Matt's curiosity straight to Mama Cuervo's home where he learns more about her role as a healer as well his own need for healing. 

Directed by Mal Cherifi - Produced by William Serri - Screenplay by Liz Vazquez - Cinematography by Ellin Aldana - Production Design by Cyrum Aytana Ramirez - Edited by Guanqing Lin

Starring Lili Bernard, Andi Meza, Kristian Karl Flores, Bastien Vegas