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Lengua - short film - 10mins - Digital - 2021


A Cycle Three Exercise for the American Film Institute Conservatory


On the morning of her U.S. naturalization test, Itzel, an uptight young Mexican-indigenous woman, develops a mysterious cough. Nervous about the exam, things take a stranger turn, when a foreign substance grows out of her mouth, leaving her grasping for her words and reality.

Lengaua takes place in a present-day, low-income Latinx neighborhood, somewhere in the San Fernando Valley. Mixing elements of magical realism and surreal drama, this atmospheric, meditative story gives insight into the anxiety and melancholy that exists among immigrants working to survive in the United States.

Directed and Story by Andrea McCracken (Camacho-Tiznado) - Produced by Simone Kirlew - Screenplay by Liz Vazquez & Andrea McCracken - Cinematography by Rayana Rasamee - Production Design by Georgina Guiterrez - Edited by Guanqing Vicky Lin

Starring Gabriela Coro, Moises Chavez, Daisy Lewis Garcia, Maria de Los Angeles Tiznado

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