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The Port Wine Stain - short film - 10mins - Digital - 2021


A Cycle Two Exercise for the American Film Institute Conservatory

The Port Wine Stain is a poetic short film about a Russian immigrant teenage girl dealing with depression, isolation and a tumultuous relationship with her mother.

After a panic attack, followed by a passive-aggressive confrontation with her aloof yet abusive mother, Greta learns more details about her birth and begins to piece together the possibility of having been switched at birth. Through this realization, Greta sees an opportunity to free herself from her toxic upbringing and lack of belonging. 

Directed by Michael Dorsey - Produced by Violetta Rulova - Story by Violetta Rulova - Screenplay by Liz Vazquez & Violetta Rulova -

Cinematography by Liz Charky - Production Design by Cyrum Ramirez Zaldivar - Edited by Jackie Lang

Starring Arina Savenkova, Ksenia Lukasheva, Vasilisa Badeka

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