It is difficult to keep track of E.T. Vazquez.

They spend most of their time hiding in laundry lint traps.

Sometimes she emerges to tell stories with pictures and fancy words.

He often regrets it.

Ultimately, we're still figuring "it" out, but I can guarantee you each personality is a fantastic conversationalist and very, very professional.


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Elizabeth (Liz) T. Vazquez is a first-generation Mexican-American artist, writer and filmmaker from Los Angeles. After briefly studying anthropology and philosophy at Moorpark College, they received their BA in Film Production at the Arts University of Bournemouth in the UK. While continuing their creative projects and practice, they worked at various art galleries and museums. They also continued their independent research at the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles. They are currently pursuing an MFA at the American Film Institute as a Screenwriting Fellow.


Liz's work often incorporates off-beat relationships between text and image while exploring "otherness.” They believe in using play and playfulness as radical acts towards critiquing and dismantling social constructions rooted in histories of imperialism, genocidal colonization and patriarchal, capitalist dominion. Or something like that.