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mano de dios: the nonsense continues - solo exhibition - 2022

installed at The Hansell Gallery in The Philosophical Research Society, July 11 - August 6, 2022

PRESS RELEASE: a selection of work featuring drawings, paintings, sculptures, and video. Exploring notions of historical and contemporaneous toxicity in body, mind, and spirit through their choice of materials and imagery, ETV stumbles into a fleshy unraveling of the absurdities, profanities, complexities, and profundities that shape our paradoxical existences.

At times grotesque, at times humorous (usually both simultaneously), mano de dios: the nonsense continues serves as a mercurial entity—a grimacing trickster—that guides us into a strange, yet familiar underworld adorned by warped objects, precarious religiosity, and broken-down technologies. The trickster deity reminds the viewer that processes of purification, transmutation, and catharsis begin and end with a destruction of what has been. As the artist states, “Here, destruction imitates creation and creation is destructive.  It's all apart, all a part.”

"In an age characterized by perpetual hyper-consumption, pollution, and collapse, poison is synonymous with preservation—delicious, manufactured preservatives. We are filled with plastic, and we would love some more please! Meanwhile, we inhabit the uninhabitable as we dumb ourselves down to play with sharp objects. So, the nonsense continues.” – ETV

mano de dios engages this age of plastic with its own peculiar malleability, connecting a broad range of contemporary anxieties, socio-political confusions, and personal unravelings between waivering hopelessness and awakening curiosity.

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